Articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals

Justus Baron: Counting standard contributions to measure the value of patent portfolios-A tale of apples and oranges, Telecommunications Policy, in press

Justus Baron and Tim Pohlmann: Mapping Standards to Patents using Declarations of Standard-Essential Patents, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 27-3, 2018

Justus Baron and Kirti Gupta: Unpacking 3GPP standards, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 27-3, 2018

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Justus Baron and Henry Delcamp: The Private and Social Value of Discrete and Cumulative Innovation, Scientometrics, Vol. 90(2), 2012


Working papers

Justus Baron, Julia Schmidt: Technological Standardization, Endogenous Productivity, and Transitory Dynamics

Justus Baron, Cher Li, Shukhrat Nasirov: Why Do R&D-Intensive Firms Participate in Standards Organizations? The Role of Patents and Product-Market Position

Justus Baron, Tim Pohlmann: The effect of patent pools on patenting and innovation-evidence from contemporary technology standards


Other publications

Justus Baron, Pierre Larouche: Antitrust and Balance of Interests in Standards Development – Lessons from NSS Labs. v. Symantec, CPI Antitrust Chronicle, September 2019

Justus Baron, Jorge Contreras, Martin Husovec, Pierre Larouche: Making the Rules – The Governance of Standard Development Organizations and their Policies on Intellectual Property Rights, JRC Science for Policy Report, European Commission, 2019

Chryssoula Pentheroudakis and Justus Baron: Licensing Terms of Standard-Essential Patents – A Comprehensive Analysis of Cases, JRC Science for Policy Report, European Commission, 2017

Justus Baron, Chryssoula Pentheroudakis, Nikolaus Thumm: FRAND Licensing in Theory and in Practice: Proposal For A Common Framework, CPI Antitrust Chronicle Vol. 3(1), 2016

Yann Meniere et al: Patent positions and start-up success, Intellectual Assets Magazine, Issue 70, March/April 2015

Rudi Bekkers et al.: Patents and Standards: A modern framework for IPR-based standardization, Study report for the European Commission, 2014